Selling your car or motorcycle is easy with Pneus-Online !

On Pneus-Online's ad site, all you have to do is create and publish an ad about your car or motorcycle. Creating and publishing your ad involves just four simple steps.
The process is very easy and extremely user-friendly.

Just follow the user guide below and launch your ad campaign now !
Step 1 : Enter your Vehicle Information
Click "Place Your Ads" banner on the homepage of Pneus-Online's ad site. It will lead to a page requiring your vehicle information.

As the first step towards creating your ad, select the type of vehicle - either car/utility vehicle or motorcycle - for which you want to place an ad.

Then, proceed to enter detailed information about your vehicle.
Car Information:
If you are posting an ad for car/utility vehicle, then fill the below information about your Car by choosing from the options provided :

- Car Category
- Car Brand
- Model
- Version
- Year
- Shift
- Doors
- Energy
- Colour
- Km
- Price

Please do not forget to check the box "First Hand", if you are the first-hand user of your car.
Motorcycle Information :
If you are posting an ad for a motorcycle, then fill the below information about your Motorcycle by choosing from the options provided :

- Motorcycle Category
- Motorcycle Brand
- Colour
- Year
- Km
- Price

Please do not forget to check the box "First Hand", if you are the first-hand user of your motorcycle.
Options and Comments :
Fill in the "Options" column with the special features of your vehicle.
In the "comments" column, you can specify your comments about the vehicle (particular details, scratches, overall status of the vehicle, etc... )
Uploading Pictures :
You can upload up to four pictures for your vehicle. This feature is optional, yet very powerful for finalizing the deal. On uploading the pictures of your vehicle (car/motorcycle) taken from different angles, the buyer will get a clear idea and show more interest towards buying it. As the images can speak more than words, the pictures will ultimately increase the ground for sale.
How ? You can select the images from your computer by clicking the "Browse" button. Once you have selected the image, click "Ok" to proceed to the next step.
Step 2 : Create your Account
In the next step, you will be asked to create an account on Pneus-Online's ad site. If you already have an account, just enter your existing Username and Password to log into the website. Logging into your account, will help you keep track of all the ads you post on the website.
For New Users :
If you are a new user, you have to enter the below information and on filling it, you will be shown the preview of your ad.

- Email address
- Password and Confirm Password
- Title
- First Name and Last Name
- Address and Phone Number
- Postal Code, City and Country

There are options to display seller information. Along with the display name/surname and address, you can either display only your email address or your phone number or both. After creating an account you will be taken to the preview section of your ad.
Existing User :
If you are an existing user, on clicking the "Ok" button after entering your e-mail address and password for logging into your account, you will automatically be taken to the preview section of the ad.
Step 3 : Preview your Ad
In the preview section, the ad will be displayed as it would appear on the website. With the name of the vehicle and the price displayed in the first line, followed by the number of visits made by the viewers and the date and time when the ad was created. Then, all the related information such as category, version, year, Kilometres and the features of the vehicle will be listed along with options and comments. If you have uploaded images of the vehicle, they will be displayed on the right side of the page.
Step 4 : Final Confirmation
After you get the intimation "Your ad has been confirmed" in the final step, your ad will be online for everyone around the world to view it.

PNEUS-ONLINE endorses no responsibility towards the content and the consequences of the ads registered on its website.
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