Scam! Scam! Scam! In recent years these alert messages could be seen on standard online buying and selling and classified ads website! So, as a classified ad website owners we are here to guide you with ideal tips that will help you understand what a scam is and how to prevent from being scammed plus few samples of scamming to avoid them in your online trading.
What is a scam?
Scam is a tricky deceiving act! A buyer or a seller can be a victim in the false bait of a scammer. But, when you follow our simple tips you can never be deceived by a scammer! And you can carry out your transactions peacefully without any hesitation.
What is the role of anti-scam tips?
Anti-scam is a preventive technique which is applied to prevent oneself from the scammers. Believe us! There are few easy tips which when followed will help you identify a scam and prevent you from being scammed. These tips educate and guide the online buyers and sellers to carry out a successful transaction without falling as a prey to the scammers.
Who are scammers?
Scammers indulge in the process of cheating (scamming) the other party without letting them realize they are victims of scamming. One fine example is online buying and selling scamming, in which a scammer responds to the advertisement for buying and creates a fake process of buying without the knowledge of the seller.
Types of scamming:
With the increase of online trading one could find people falling victims of scammers. Along with the money, the goods owned by them are also lost. It can be prevented earlier by checking the credibility of the buyers and the sellers as there is going to be a direct contact between them without any third party involved. When online trading is concerned there are two types - One through auction and another through classified ads. In both cases, there are direct dealings between buyer and seller.
Classified Ads Scamming ...
Watch out! There may be baiting ads which will tempt you to buy the car or motorcycle or a contact email from a buyer which will be very much believable. Never fall a prey to the cheaters... Here are few fine examples of scammers. Watch it closely and be alert of any ads and messages of this kind for Ordering and Delivery Scamming!
Case 1:
For buying the goods from the seller, the buyer must pay the amount (IN CASH) which includes the cost of the product and the shipping cost (Pick up). Here cunningly, the scammer, who is a shipping firm or pick up in-charge, will ask for shipping charges which is included in the payment made by the buyer.
- Here the seller has to ensure the identity of the person from the shipping firm.
- It is better not to pay them in cash, when the buyer himself has not paid the amount in cash.

The same case can be encountered instead of cash and by check. Here, the buyer should not pay the amount in cash to the seller without converting the check to cash. The scammers may cheat you with the fake check and you may lose your product as well as the money involved in shipping.
Case 2:
When selling a product to the overseas buyers, sellers have to be very careful and cautious. The overseas buyers will target the classified ads from the individual and will introduce themselves in a very polite email. The buyer living aboard will be eager to buy the product with bank draft for amount higher than the actual product price. Here the buyer places the hook. The seller on receiving the draft should send the cashier's check for the extra amount. Beware of the bait!
- Never send them the cashier's check before the buyer's draft is cleared in your bank.
- Finally, you can anytime cancel the cashier's check as it is not as cash by the bank. So, play safe and have trusted transactions.
Now, its time for us to look up a few important anti-scamming tips:
- Never ship a product to a person who has never seen your item. Mostly scammers will beguile you that they are very confident about your service or shipment.
- Only a scammer can guarantee a shipment. So avoid buying products with such services.
- As a buyer, it is best to deal with people whom you can meet locally.
- Never accept a check from the scammer (buyer) who pays you the actual amount plus extra shipping charges.
- Do not clear the check or Banker's draft as soon as you receive from the buyer. If it is going to be a fake check then you will lose your money.
- As a buyer never disclose your financial information as phishing attacks have become common.
Tips for Buying Cars and Recreational Vehicles through classified Ads:
- Be Firm on how much you can afford : Consider visiting different sites and compare the pricing of the vehicle. Do not take a decision in a hurry. Consult with a local dealer and then go for online purchase.
- Always go for purchases in your locality : When cars or motorcycles purchased through online classified ads, as buyers you will have a provision for viewing the location of the seller. Always go for local dealers.
- Take a test drive : Never buy a vehicle without seeing it in day light. Also, accompany the seller for a test ride. Always visit the car in the seller's place as it can show the original condition of the vehicle.
- Check for repairs : Some vehicles may be sold due to the damage caused by accidents. You can have a look at the vehicle accompanying a vehicle expert. For example, check for HPI register if the car has undergone a major accident repair.
- Check for documents : Check for all the documents, to see whether the seller is the real owner of the vehicle to avoid fraud act.
- No Emotional/Personal Feeling : Always see for the quality and never be acquainted to the thoughts of your heart.
Alarm Bells for a scam ad...
- The seller who has posted the ad will have no proper contact details.
- There may be inconsistency in the description about the vehicle.
- Frequency in posting ads can also be considered.
- Fake photos of the vehicles, with unsuitable background (other countries or fake background)
- Improper use of language as mostly scammers are not native speakers.
- When you encounter a scam ad or attempts which seem to be scamming, never hesitate to contact some international agencies for help.
What is it? How does it work?
Western Union Money Transfer helps in the transfer of money between a sender and a receiver. It does not provide any holding service. On sending cash via Western Union, the sender gets Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to track the transactions. The receiver will also be required to produce MTCN number to pick up the fund transferred.
Why Western Union is not recommended?
Scammers can sabotage almost any kind of difficult process, play havoc and deceive you of your money. You have to be extremely careful in order to save yourself from cyber crimes. As per the terms and conditions of Western Union, it does not offer any type of purchase protection or escrow service. In addition, it is not liable for non-delivery of the money and hence it is the responsibility of the sender to keep track of the transaction process and ensure that the transaction is done. Hence, the main drawback of Western Union is that one has no surety in money transfer.
Buyers - Be cautious
Online buyers must be aware of scammers while using Western Union. It is advisable not to use online money transfer to buy products from online auction sale. If the seller stresses only on money transfer, a buyer has to be more cautious. Genuine sellers will have other mode of payments and will never insist on fund transfer service. If required, as a buyer, check for the trustworthiness or feedbacks of the seller. Sometimes it may also be false, so never involve in money transfer with an unknown person.

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